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Lorenzo de' Medici
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As a member of one of the most famous families in Italy, Lorenzo de’ Medici has made it his mission to tell the story of the Medicis.

Born in Milan in 1951, Lorenzo de’ Medici is the second son of Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici and Princess Irina Carrega di Lucedio. He spent his childhood in Italy, Argentina and Switzerland. Business and personal interests took him to Germany, Austria, Britain and the USA until he settled in Barcelona where he still lives today. He is head of a licensing company and has written for as long as he can remember. He now has the opportunity to devote more time to literature. He speaks numerous languages including fluent German.

Newest Book Historical Novel
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The Secret of Sofonisba

  • Original Edition: HC: Ediciones B 2007

  • Sold to: Germany HC: Ehrenwirth 2007


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The Conspiracy of the Queen

  • Original edition HC: Ediciones Martínez Roca 2004

  • Sold to: Germany (Ehrenwirth) 2007

  • HC: Der CLUB 2007


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Die Medici.
Die Geschichte meiner Familie

  • Original edition: HC: Plaza Janés 2002

  • Sold to: Germany (Lübbe) 2006